All about the girl ~ some information about Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas More

Margaret Roper (nee More) is a facinating study in social change. The BBC (Channel 4) did a super documentary about her and her relationship with her time.[8H hasve already seen part of this as I recollect). They have decided to repeat it (Huzzah!) and it is therefore available via BBC Iplayer at:

Watch this please ~ it is difficult but you know what I think about you and your ability to do hard things ~ and then write me a brief, half page summary about Margaret, the key points of life and how she fitted into her times. Do this  at the back of your exercise book please, so it doesn’t interupt the flow of your main notes.

Want more? Follow this link to a 10 minute interview on Women’s Hour about a new book which has been written about Margaret.

(you will probably need RealPlayer for this)

Want even more? Read the book  A Daughter’s Love: Thomas and Margaret More by John Guy, published by Fourth Estate ISBN-13: 978-0007192311

(available shortly from the School’s Library!)

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