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Homework on Gloriana

February 28, 2012

Just in case you have mislaid your copy of the homework on Gloriana, here it is again.

A homework task on Elizabeth and the cult of Glorianna


The end of Gloriana ~ the last years of Elizabeth I

February 28, 2012

These slides guide you through the declining years of Elizabeth I ~ sad but it comes to us all in the end.

Elizabeth I~later years

Want more Elizabeth? Then why not try the following historical fiction clips?;

Elizabeth’s speech to her troops at Tilbury during the Armarda War

Elizabeth’s Golden Speech to Parliament

The death of Elizabeth

A little source with your History? Here’s what you need for Q1

February 26, 2012

Mother and daughter

The slides below are a copy of what we will be working on this week in terms of preparation for handling the sources for Q1. The PACT File also gives some suggestions for how you can interrogate the sources to support your ideas.

The Sources for Q 1


Elizabeth ~ an overview

February 24, 2012

So we’ve made it to the Elizabethan era! A time of high politics, intrigue, beautiful women, dashing men, and Shakespeare! What’s not to like? A copy of the slides which you have been working on in class can be found here:

Elizabeth overview

Elizabeth I

Remember that the tasks you were to do were:

Transfer the information from slide 2 into your note books

Produce a spider diagram on ‘How Elizabeth ruled’ using the information in slides  3,4,5,6 & 9

Produce a spider diagram on ‘Elizabethan policy issues’ using information in slides 7, 8, 10, 11 & 12


Want more Good Queen Bess? Try these:

An excellent article on the portraits of the Gloriana Cult

A documentary overview of Elizabeth’s reign (this link gives you Part 1 ~ follow its links for 2 & 3)

‘Don’t lean on me man, because you can’t afford the ticket back from Suffragette city’ D. Bowie.

February 23, 2012

Question 1 of the Controlled assessment requires you to know about the history of the Suffragette Movement. Here are some slides to help you.

Suffragettes ~ a brief historyUnder arrest

Want more Suffragettes? Try:

The Suffragette Song (Horrible histories)

The original newsreel footage of Emily Davison

What society looked like at the time ~ a compilation of original newsreel footage of 1912

What a Suffragette demonstration might have looked like ~ framatic reconstruction

Suffragettes in Mary Poppins (what’s not to like?)


The process is everything

February 23, 2012

To help you make sense of the steps you need to follow to complete the Controlled Assessment successfully here is a step-by-step crib-sheet.

Steps in the process

The horror, the horror ~ what the Controlled Assessment wants you to do.

February 23, 2012

This is it. The details of the Controlled Assessment tasks are out. You already have a copy in your special, eco-friendly note-books (don’t lose them!) but just in case here is another copy. Enjoy! (who am I kidding?)

Controlled Assessemnt ~ details of requirements