Year 8 work for the Easter holiday (I know you would have preferred an Easter egg but there you go)

The mission for this Easter break is to start the revision process for the end of year examinations. To help you here is a list of the things which we have covered so far which might come up:

Henry VII: domestic policy; foreign policy; securing the succession

Henry VIII: domestic policy; marriage and divorce policies; the Henrician Reformation; the dissolution of the monestaries; the life and times of Sir Thomas More

Edward: domestic policy; the Edwardian Reformation; the succession crisis

Mary: domestic policy; the Marian Counter-Reformation; foreign policy; the succession policy

Elizabeth: domestic policy; the Elizabethan Religious Settlement; foreign policy and the Armada War; the Glorianna Cult; the succession crisis

James I: domestic policy; foreign policy; religious policy; the Gunpowder Plot



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