Year 8 Homework due for the week starting 9th September 2012

Here is the first piece of homework of the new academic year. You have three things to do:

1. Complete entering the ‘Survival Rules’ into the first page of your book. A copy of them can be found here:RULES FOR SURVIVAL IN MR CARLYSLE Don’t forget to beautify this page!

2. Calculate the scale for your timeline which will serve your contents page as the course progresses. Don’t forget that you do not actually do the timeline itself, just work out the calculation. A guide on how to do a timeline (and thus the calculations themselves) are to be found here:

3. Final piece of the homework is to rsearch the dates of three interesting events in the period 1485 – 1745 so that you can plot them on the timeline next lesson. make a note of them in rough.

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