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Year 11 Homework – modified

September 5, 2012

In the light of the fact that it took us slightly longer than anticipated to cover

collectivisation in class the test essay has been postponed until the first lesson in the week starting 10th September 2012. The task remains the same, namely to prepare for a timed essay (35 mins plus 5 mins planning time) on Collectivisation under Stalin.

The title will be broadly : Describe the reasons for and the methods employed in the collectivisation of agriculture under Stalin between 1928 – 1941. How fair is it to describe it as ‘a war, waged by Stalin, against his own people’?

You will find a copy of the Powerpoint slides in a previous post. You may also find this link: useful.



We’re all going on a summer holiday ~ but not a homework-free one! (Drat!!)

July 6, 2012

Just in case you have mislaid the sheet I gave you outlining the note-taking I want you to do over the summer , I have included a copy below. Do make sure that you do the notes ~ collectivisation and the 5 Year Plans are really straightforward to understand and the examiners love them so get the details done! We will only have time to discuss them once we have returned and there will be a massive gap in your notes if you duck them.

Year 10 History work over the summer


And as a reward for your diligence let me refer you to this You Tube clip. I should point out that Historical debate at Oxford and Cambridge is not usually like this.

Controlled Assessment Question 2 ~ some hints

April 28, 2012

The key thing with the Controlled Assessment is that you must use the Sources ~ paraphrase them or quote directly from them ~ to support or justify the points you are making. If you do not use the Sources and compare one with another, either directly or indirectly, then you will not be able to access the top marks.


I have made a short video clip to run through again what we did in class. You can find it at:

Some helpful background information for Question 2, to supplement your own research.

April 16, 2012

You may find this information useful as it gives you some more information about the impact of the Wars and also the social change which happened after WWII. as well as suggesting that their were economic factors at work post-1945 as well as social and political ones.



In addition you could try looking at this excellent BBC website


Here they are .. the Sources for Question 2 of the Controlled Assessment.

April 16, 2012

As promised (a little late but none the less welcome) the Sources for Question 2



Some for the Easter Break (for Year 10)

March 29, 2012

You really have two tasks to focus upon during this period (three if you count over-dosing on chocolate)


The first is to complete your preparations for answering Q2 in the Controlled Assessment. I will be posting up to this site the sources for Q2 shortly after Easter so stop back to have a look at them. Remember, what you are doing at the moment is getting background information about how the involvement in the two World Wars had an impact on the emancipation and enfranchisement of women.

The second is to start the process of starting to revise for the end of year examinations which will cover the Russian Revolution and Roosevelt and the New Deal. It will not have anything on the Suffragettes so you don’t need to revise that section for the exams. Remember you need to get organised in terms of revision. You might find this useful:

Some final thoughts on the structure of the Q1 answer

March 23, 2012

Here are some slides which cover the same information as the board diagram which we built up when we discussed the structure of the overall answer to Q1


Final guidance on the structure of Q1