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Henry VIII ~ time for some revision

April 21, 2014

It’s time for revision on the topic of Henry VIII. Let’s face it there really are only three areas in which you could be asked: The Henrician Reformation; the marriage policy; an assessment of how successful a monarch he was. Of the three probably the Henrician Reformation is the most likely target ~ but do not go putting your golden eggs all in one basket just because I wrote that! The only way to be safe is to cover all of the bases with revision.


Some PowerPoint presentation slides in connection with the Henrician Reformation that you might find useful are;

Protestant belief ~ on why Protestantism was so different from Catholicism and why it offered so much to Kings and Princes.

Henry needed a divorce1~ the political and personal reasons for needing a divorce

Henry and Protestantism ~ How Henry allowed the Reformation to be carried out and the role of Thomas Cromwell in all of this.

The dissolution of the monasteries ~ it does what it says on the tin

Don’t forget that with Henry is was always about: Power (especially securing the Succession); Money. It could also be about Religion and Love or should that be Lust?

Finally ~ want to watch some telly and do some revision? (what’s not to like?) then try:

Clip 1

and Clip 2