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Analysis of the the policies of the first New Deal

January 30, 2012

What did the policies of the New Deal achieve? Look at the table below and complete the right hand side. Print it out and stick it into your book.

Analysis of the first New Deal Policies


Roosevelt, the New Deal and Farmers

January 30, 2012

Just as the farmers of America had not shared in the prosperity of the Boom of the 1920s, they had been particularly hard hit by the impact of the Depression. Roosevelt introduced special policies under the New Deal which aimed to help their situation. This PowerPoint presentation looks at the problems they faced and how Roosevelt halped them.

Roosevelt and the FarmersDepression era farmers

New Deal Policies

January 30, 2012

This set of PowerPoint slides covers the early policies of the New Deal ~ the so-called ‘Alphabet Agencies’.


New Deal policies


Republicans, Farmers and Depression

January 16, 2012

Between 1919 and the election of Roosevelt American had a sequence of Republican Presidents who tried (or not) to cope with the early stages of the Great Depression. The brief PowerPoint listed below outlines what they believed.

The Attitude of the Republican Presidents 1917 ~

One group of Americans which did not share in the economic prosperity of the early 1920s were framers. This PowerPoint looks at why.

Why didn’t American Farmers share in the prosperityof the 1920s?

America and the origins of the Depression

January 16, 2012

The PowerPoints which are listed below take you through the origins of the Great Depression in America. Our course does not require you to know about this directly, that is there will not be any questions directly on it, but it is difficult to see how we can study the Great Depression if we do not know where it came from.

Background to the American Economy circa1920

Crash overview

‘Buddy, can you spare a dime?’ ~ an introduction to The Great Depression.

January 9, 2012

Our study of Roosevelt and the New Deal starts in with the consequences of the Wall Street Crash in 1929 but I do not believe that you can understand this without understanding what caused it. The attached document has a sequence of links for clips for a very good, recent BBC documentary on the Wall Street Crash. I would like you watch the clips through. You do not need to take notes on this because it is only background and I will provide you with some when we discuss it next lesson.

The background to the Great Depression ~ video sequences


Syllabus info for the second 20th Century Depth Study: Roosevelt and the New Deal

January 9, 2012

The document below identifies for you what you need to know for the examination in relation to Roosevelt and the New Deal.

Syllabus detail ~ Roosevelt and the The New Deal