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Year 11 Homework for tonight ~ 26th September

September 26, 2012

I want you to look at the 3 propaganda images on pages 86, 87 & 89 of the AQA text book and subject them to the same type of analysis you did for your controlled assessment: what is their type and provenience; what are they depicting; how useful are they to historians?

Have this ready for next lesson


Year 10 homework for Monday evening

May 21, 2012

Complete the notes you started in the lesson from the text book page 264 ~ 265

The Triumvirate against Trotsky

The Issues that divided the Party

May 21, 2012

How Lenin’s funeral was presented is important to us as historians of this period as it gives us an insight into how Lenin was viewed and how the funeral was viewed.

This first clip was a ‘Lenin retrospective’ made for showing in cinemas both in the USSR and around the world (hence the subtitles). The music would have come on a record to be played alongside it when it was being shown in the better cinemas.

The second clip is a brief extract from a newsreel of the time. Note particularly how many times Stalin features and how he is portrayed.

Finally ~ if you have time have a look at this much longer clip of the whole funeral. This was filmed at the time and has been recently discovered and restored:

Want some more History and get to watch some telly at the same time? Go on, you know you do!

May 2, 2012

You may have already have noticed this exellent series on BBC4 ‘The King and the Playwright ~ a Jacobean History’ but if not you shoudl really give it a view ~ it is looking at Shakespeare under King James rather than Elizabeth and how the poilitical uncertainities of the time were reflected in the nature of Shakespeare’s plays. There are some draw-backs to the series in that it is presented by an American academic (nothing wrong with that in itself let me add) but it does lead to some American rather than English pronounciations (listen out in particular for his pronounciation of ‘Tudor dynasty’). That said, it is facinating stuff and well worth an hour or two of your leisure time.


Early Protestantism and its difference in comparison to Catholicism

January 18, 2012

Ready for some A Level stuff? Happy to get that feeling that your brain is draining out of your ears because you are thinking so hard? Good. Time to look at the differences between Catholic and Protestant theology and practices.

Protestant belief

By way of introduction….

October 19, 2011

The point of this blog is to provide support to the pupils who study with me at More House School. It will therefore mostly concern itself with the study of History. If you are one of my pupils ~ welcome! You made it. well done. If you aren’t, you are also welcome.