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Henry VIII ~ time for some revision

April 21, 2014

It’s time for revision on the topic of Henry VIII. Let’s face it there really are only three areas in which you could be asked: The Henrician Reformation; the marriage policy; an assessment of how successful a monarch he was. Of the three probably the Henrician Reformation is the most likely target ~ but do not go putting your golden eggs all in one basket just because I wrote that! The only way to be safe is to cover all of the bases with revision.


Some PowerPoint presentation slides in connection with the Henrician Reformation that you might find useful are;

Protestant belief ~ on why Protestantism was so different from Catholicism and why it offered so much to Kings and Princes.

Henry needed a divorce1~ the political and personal reasons for needing a divorce

Henry and Protestantism ~ How Henry allowed the Reformation to be carried out and the role of Thomas Cromwell in all of this.

The dissolution of the monasteries ~ it does what it says on the tin

Don’t forget that with Henry is was always about: Power (especially securing the Succession); Money. It could also be about Religion and Love or should that be Lust?

Finally ~ want to watch some telly and do some revision? (what’s not to like?) then try:

Clip 1

and Clip 2



Essay Guidance on the outbreak of the First Civil War and the defeat of the King in 1645.

April 16, 2014

Writing an analytical essay is always difficult but the key is to use question analysis to identify what the examiner is looking for and then to plan an essay which is built around the fact that we answer the question ‘why?’ with explanation not with description. It is also important to remember that causes can be categories into Long, Short and Trigger and that an explanation of an historical event needs to recognise that.studying hard

This link takes you to a short film I made which guides you through an approach to the question: ‘Why did King and Parliament go to war in 1642 and why was the King defeated in 1645?’.

An essay on Mary I ~ some guidance for you

January 5, 2014

The essay title is:

How far is it true to say that Mary I would have regarded herself as a successful monarch?

Sneaky, huh? What you need is some help ~ fortunately some is at hand in the form of a brief guidance movie to be found here

You might also enjoy a quick look at Lady Jane Grey

and the Horrible History guide to Mary.


Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries

November 8, 2013

These two short films outline the theological and political ideas behind the Dissolution of the monasteries.

Clip 1: the Dissolution of the monasteries Part 1

Clip 2: the Dissolution of the monasteries part 2

Henry VIII and the Reformation ~ Essay Guidance

November 5, 2013

This links to a short film which offers help on how to tackle the essay title:

‘The Henrician Reformation had little to do with religion, and everything to do with politics’. Discuss this view. How far do you agree?

Year 8 ~ Course outline

September 12, 2012

This short film outlines the sweep of the Year 8 History course From Bosworth Field to Culloden Moor ~ the making of modern Britain.


Year 8 Homework due for the week starting 9th September 2012

September 8, 2012

Here is the first piece of homework of the new academic year. You have three things to do:

1. Complete entering the ‘Survival Rules’ into the first page of your book. A copy of them can be found here:RULES FOR SURVIVAL IN MR CARLYSLE Don’t forget to beautify this page!

2. Calculate the scale for your timeline which will serve your contents page as the course progresses. Don’t forget that you do not actually do the timeline itself, just work out the calculation. A guide on how to do a timeline (and thus the calculations themselves) are to be found here:

3. Final piece of the homework is to rsearch the dates of three interesting events in the period 1485 – 1745 so that you can plot them on the timeline next lesson. make a note of them in rough.